Effective & amicable dispute resolution by an expert mediator.

Because litigation costs you in time, money, social disruption, adverse publicity, damaged relationships, and loss of control.

Mediation, in contrast allows the parties to drive the settlement process in a cost-effective, efficient, and dignified process. Mediator Lawrence Glasner equips parties and their counsel to develop winning alternatives to resolve disputes consistent with their respective needs, interests, and values.

Skilled With

  • Single and Multi-Party Cases
  • Entrenched Positions
  • Undisclosed Interest
  • Unreasonable Parties
  • Emotionally Charged and Bitterly Contested Disputes
  • Unrealistically High or Low Expectations

Why Glasner Mediation?

Because Trial is stressful, and the litigation process is time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, a mediator works outside the courtroom to facilitate conflict resolution by helping parties find common ground—at fraction of the cost—while avoiding the long delays of litigation.

Mediator Lawrence M. Glasner Inc. brings to the table 30-years of experience as a litigator, trial attorney, and mediator. He uses a non-directive, investigative style, using his extensive experience and expertise to help parties analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their positions and move into areas of common interests to develop creative ways of resolving disputes.

Analytical skills and familiarity with the litigation process enable Mr. Glasner to speak the language of counsel and meaningfully explore with counsel and parties their best and worst alternatives to a negotiated settlement within a nuanced and often emotionally charged legal backdrop.

Mr. Glasner is based in Redding, California and mediates disputes locally and nationally involving all areas of employment law, elder abuse, personal injury and other torts, professional malpractice, and contracts. He also volunteers his dispute resolution skills to non-profit and neighborhood services mediation projects.

Client Reviews

Mr. Glasner deserves high praise from his peers. He is earnest, amiable, intelligent, ethical, hard-working, and responsible. He gives lawyers a good name, which says a lot.

Attorney Peer Review from Martindale-Hubbell

Mr. Glasner communicates promptly with clients and attorneys. He is hard working, innovative, compassionate, and attentive.

Attorney Peer Review from Martindale-Hubbell

Mr. Glasner has been a mentor to young lawyers, training them in negotiating skills, and the factors that derail the resolution process or lead to mutually beneficial settlements.

Kevin Rehwald, Partner

Mr. Glasner brings extensive experience, a unique perspective and peacemaking skills to his Colorado mediation practice. For 27-years, he was with Rehwald Glasner & Chaleff, a leading boutique firm in north L.A. County. He mediated over 400 employment, business, wage and hour, elder & child abuse...

Daniel Chaleff, Kevin Rehwald

Larry is a highly respected...He is known not only for his legal skills but for his integrity as well as compassion for his clients.

Attorney Peer Review from Martindale-Hubbell

Lawrence helped me negotiate an employment contract. His depth of knowledge on the subject, his care and concern for my needs, as well as his ability to bring fair terms to both sides swiftly, made him exceptional to work with. 10/10 would absolutely recommend to a friend!

Zachary A., VP Software and Data Analytics

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